The Entire Process To Sell Your Car Explained

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If you’ve ever tried to sell a car, you know how complicated the process can get. In the decade we’ve been buying and selling cars in Atlanta, Cash for My Junk Car knows all the ins and outs as well as anyone. That’s why we’ve put together this brief overview of the things you need to do to sell your old car.

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Get Paperwork Ready

Paperwork is the most important part of selling a car. As with any larger asset sale, you want to make sure you’re covered legally. Gather your title, maintenance records, and tax records as well as any manuals and maintenance guides that you have for the vehicle. It wouldn’t hurt to get a vehicle history report as well.

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Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car is an easy way to increase its value for virtually no investment to you. A clean car makes a good first impression and is more likely to make a potential buyer pull the trigger. Plus, they’ll be willing to pay more for a car that looks well taken care of rather than one that looks neglected.

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Find Your Buyer

There are tons of ways you can go about finding a buyer. The most popular modern method is to list it on one or several of the used car apps on the market. You can also get an offer from a dealership or a car removal service, such as Cash for My Junk Car. If you want to go old-school, parking it in a well-lit area with a sign in the window still works as well.

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Sell Car And Sign Over Title

If you’re selling to a dealership or car buying professional, they’ll typically take care of arranging the paperwork for you. However, if you’re doing it yourself, make sure you build a checklist of all the paperwork that needs to be completed during the sale. Then, once you’re paid and have the title signed over, you’re good to go!

Selling a car yourself can be a tedious and confusing process if you’re not prepared, but if you properly research what’s required, it can end up paying off in a big way. For those that don’t want to deal with the hassle but still want a fair price, give the team at Cash for My Junk Car a call. We’ll come to your location to evaluate and make an offer on-site. Get a quote today!

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